Correos Express, express parcel service part of Correos Group, has the largest transport network in Spain, offering security, faster response times and greater flexibility to our clients. Since 2019 we have our subsidiary in the neighboring country, Correos Express Portugal and because of its subsequent growth, we have been able to internationalize our business and reach any point of the Iberian Peninsula in less than 24 hours.

Therefore, we can offer the best solutions for your business thanks to our presence in all Spain’s provinces, as well as the 6,000 distribution routes and 400,000 km of haulage that our fleet makes every night to reach wherever you want.

In addition, we offer an operational system that is constantly innovating and adapting to the specific needs and requirements of each of our customers. For this reason, we work for more flexible and adapted service, using our own technology such as delivery time prediction, immediate location of the recipient and a flexible delivery.