An Post Commerce is Ireland’s expert parcels delivery company. We build and provide tailored delivery and returns solutions that work for our customers.

We are trusted, with a network of 9,000+ employees and an unrivalled knowledge of local communities. An Post was voted Ireland’s most reputable organisation in the RepTrak® 2022 report.
An Post Commerce delivers nationwide, 6 days a week, including evening delivery. We are customer focused offering simple, flexible and convenient delivery and returns solutions supported by a network of 4,000 vehicles including 1,050 electric vehicles and 4,200 delivery staff. An Post Commerce processes c. 45m parcels annually and deliver to 2.2m addresses every day.

Our focus is on delivering operational excellence and the highest service quality levels possible for our clients and their customers. In order to achieve the standards’ we aspire towards we work with our clients to develop a service model that works for their businesses. We actively adapt our model and innovate over time so that what we do and how we do it responds to their needs and ensures consistently great customer experiences with their brands.

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