SJ Grabiec

SJ is the Head of CX & Fraud at AllSaints & John Varvatos, overseeing the Global CX and the Fraud & Payments teams. Her focus lies in implementing and evolving customer experience and online payment and fraud strategies, and plays a pivotal role in managing Direct-to-Consumer operations. SJ recently introduced Conversational AI and order review automation at AllSaints, delivering increased efficiency, scalability and service quality. SJ is also a super fan of AI technologies and how they can be utilised to enhance and improve performance, productivity – also absolutely fascinating!

Adhering to one of AllSaints’ core brand values, “The Customer is the Boss,” SJ works to ensure a balance between service, operations, risk, and the Voice of the Customer in business decisions and projects. Prior to AllSaints, SJ worked in Retail management and also risk management.

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