Fabian Warmdt, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Glocally. He is 25 years old and leads the company together with his two co-founders since its inception 1.5 years ago.

During his studies of management and computer science at Technical University Munich, he got upset by the bad delivery experience of parcel delivery companies.

Together with two friends, he wanted to solve the discrepancy of customer expectations on the last mile by building the most customer-focused delivery company in the market. That the delivery has to be delivered sustainably with Cargo Bikes and E-Vans, was as a matter of course for the founder team. Since then, they are rethinking and re-inventing e-commerce logistics with technology and sustainability at its core.
The team got support and investment from the reputable accelerator Y-Combinator which funded companies like Airbnb & Dropbox and has since then raised significant amounts of Funding to bring the vision to reality.