Martijn de Lange – Making parcels personal again

Martijn de Lange, CEO, Hermes

Title: Making parcels personal again

At Hermes UK I have two roles – CEO and Head of the “Parcel People”. This is because at our heart we are a people business and I believe that home delivery is all about people (supported by smart technology and a great infrastructure of course.)
So, this year our mission is to make parcels personal again. As part of this we are launching a new app and website that focuses heavily on personalisation – enabling consumers to know more about the courier delivering their parcels; to choose how they get their deliveries to fit with their lifestyles; and also decide how we communicate with them. Our new ‘Golden Address’ approach’ will give us a single view and history of each customer to support this. In short, we’ll be making it personal.

Finally, we will be announcing the introduction of something that is completely unheard of for our industry, that builds the personal connection between the sender and recipient of a parcel. It’s new, unique, extremely exciting and a secret until the Delivery Show – see you there!