Gary Brown – Solving the Last Mile Staffing Crisis

Gary Brown, Senior Business Development Manager, Syft

Title: Solving the Last Mile Staffing Crisis

The average Operations or HR manager in a distribution or fulfillment company is in a pretty uncomfortable position– squeezed on one hand by increasingly protective labour legislation and on the other by the lack of candidates willing to enter this hard and relatively underpaid field.

Against this backdrop, the workforce is ageing, costs are rising, companies are competing for talent, and the consumer is expecting a top customer experience: a fast, reliable, and cost-effective service every day.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the prospect of unmet picking rates, missed delivery schedules, or average customer satisfaction scores may not just result in ceding advantage to your rivals, but may impact your very survival.

Gary Brown of Syft will explore the 5 steps every fulfillment or distribution operation must take in order meet this challenge head on and adopt a resourcing solution fit for the needs of the modern day operation, worker and customer.