Dwain McDonald – DPD App 2.0

Dwain McDonald, CEO, DPD

Title: DPD App 2.0: Taking things to the next level

Lots of people say they have an App and they think that’s all cool, job done, we are all digital now. Well how wrong are they?

It’s not about having an App on the App Store, it’s what it does for you and your clients that counts. In DPD we manage the whole journey from shipper to shopper and have amassed over 62m pieces of delivery data, enabling a 3% improvement to the delivery experience of consumers who use our App.

We are obsessed with the App but we’re also obsessed with the consumer data. We have over 4m people who have downloaded the DPD App and we’re continually onboarding over 100,000 per month but what’s really cool is the impact on the first time success rate of our deliveries and the fact that over 1.2m subscribers per month actually use the App. In December we had 9.9m minutes of user time.

In 2019 the App will reach a whole new level, leveraging the relationships we have with our retail partners as we link a shopping experience into the delivery experience. We have much more to add but you will have to come to see us present to hear the whole story.