Paack is a pioneering tech-enabled delivery solution, with a clear vision: to lead eCommerce sustainable deliveries in Europe.

Thanks to its technological platform, its innovative processes, and its focus on operational experience, Paack offers a flexible scheduled delivery service that adapts to the client and contributes to reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Indeed, Paack combines the needs of the customer with the needs of the planet. To reach its objective of being carbon net-zero by 2030, Paack puts emphasis on the E (Environment) of its ESG Strategy.

Following four steps, the company addresses its sustainability approach to the Planet:

1. Measuring its environmental impact.
2. Reducing its carbon emissions through decarbonization actions.
3. Contributing to the environment by working with several partners
4. Reporting, keeping track of its progress through different reports following sustainability standards.

Currently, Paack operates in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and Portugal and offers coverage in more than 100 European cities.