Chris Mackie

VP Customer Success

Chris is the VP Customer Success for Metapack and leads the Professional Services and Account Management teams Globally.  His experience is broad and spans Supply Chain, Retail and eCommerce.  He has over 20 years of IT consulting experience and over 10 years proven experience of building and leading organisations for companies such as Metapack, Oracle and JDA (now Blue Yonder). Additionally, he has worked operationally for ASDA Wal-Mart where he worked in stores, regionally and for Prior to working for Metapack Chris:

·       Led the Oracle Commerce (eCommerce / Order Management) practice in EMEA

·       Led the Retail Organisation for JDA (now Blue Yonder) in EMEA / APAC

·       Built a WMS practice focused on JDA (Now Blue Yonder’s) flagship WMS.

·       Led an organisation for a SaaS eCommerce company.